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Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Dolly Parton, and the Spice Girls—will all of them be on stage in Vancouver? Together?

Sorry, it’s not really Britney, bitch, or the rest of them—but that’s what drag queens and impersonators are for, dearies.

Nonetheless, such luminous names will light up the night on Saturday (May 13) when Red, the annual fashion fundraiser for Positive Living B.C., gets underway from 6 p.m. to midnight at Harbour Event Centre (750 Pacific Boulevard).

This year’s theme is A Positive Day in Vegas.


The 90-minute visual smorgasbord, organized by 200 volunteers, will feature a kaleidoscope of dancers, models, musicians, impersonators, and various other entertainers, along with the work of hair stylists, makeup artists, fashion designers, and retailers. Together, they will pay tribute to the lives of people living with HIV.

It’s all to benefit the nonprofit Positive Living B.C., which serves over 5,700 HIV–positive people with health and wellness programs and services.

While an HIV–positive diagnosis is no longer the automatic death sentence it once was, there is still no cure for HIV, it remains a virus that can only be controlled through treatment, and people living with HIV still face stigma and various challenges. However, many HIV organizations face challenges in fundraising and awareness due to shifts in public attitudes toward HIV.

That’s why events like Red Vancouver help to bring the attention back to HIV.


Hosted by comedian David C. Jones and Connie Smudge, this year’s event will include performances by drag queen and impersonators like Carlotta Gurl, Jaylene Tyme, Raye Sunshine, and more; belly dancer Carla Naar; magician Travis Bernhardt; vocalist Colin Marcus Jackson; singer-songwriter Matthew Presidente; entertainers Molly Wilson and Oliver Castillo; and more.

For tickets or more information, visit the Red Vancouver website or their Facebook event page.

Author: Craig Takeuchi
Source: http://www.straight.com/blogra/909436/britney-celine-kylie-all-positive-living-bcs-red-vancouver-fashion-fundraiser