The University of Freiburg in Germany,  and a Japanese university have endorsed Tian Immunity Booster’s (TIB) ability to stop replication of HIV virus.
This follows research findings by Dr. Josef Schneider of Freiburg University.

Dr. Josef said results indicated that TIB attains almost 100 per cent inhibition of the HIV viral replication. The findings reveal that the fusion taking place between HIV and T-cell was almost 100 percent blocked, a clear sign that HIV viruses were being killed.
“The research has shown that TIB drugs are a combination of wide brand antibiotics and immunity boosters without any side effects and toxicity. This makes it the crucial base of TIB’s ability to fight HIV /Aids in Africa,” explained Josef in a research paper findings.
The immune booster was discovered by Professor Tian Shengxun, a Chinese herbal and medical researcher who lives in Kenya.

He developed the herbal concoction, considered a functional cure for HIV & AIDS after successful 25 years of clinical use in Asia and Africa.
Speaking from the TIB Center in Hurlingham, Nairobi, he explained that TIB consists of protease inhibitor, reverse transcriptase inhibitor and the fusion inhibitor, a therapy he said contains multiple and powerful antibiotic functions and to handle most opportunistic infections linked to lower immunity or HIV/AIDS.

He claimed that tests done so far have confirmed TIB as a herbal anti-viral drug, with the function to stop HIV viral multiplication, such as through blocking fusion taking place between HIV/AIDS virus and immune T-cell (the CD4 cell). Scientifically, the best strategy against HIV is to prevent infection of healthy immune cells in the beginning of viral infection.

“Most patients who have taken TIB responded very fast and recover soon after the TIB therapy,” says Prof. Tian Shengxun.
If the TIB drug is combined with conventional standard Anti-TB drugs, with majority of TB patients (sputum test) turns negative within three months of treatment, says the scientist.

“There are four different sugar-coated TIB tablets, with active ingredients extracted from 100% pure Chinese herbs. Unlike the conventional ARVs, TIB products are fusion inhibitor killing HIV virus in the beginning of infection,” explains Shengxun.
TIB is manufactured through modern technology as proper compounds extracted from more than 30 different pure Chinese herbs. It has multiple targets and powerful anti-viral and anti-bacteria functions. TIB is an effective and non-toxic immune booster, critical to building and restoring immune function of patients living with HIV/AIDS,” says the researcher.
Findings have confirmed that TIB therapy does multiple functions such as boosting immunity, stimulates bone marrow as a blood activator, treats and prevents bacterial infections by being a natural wider spectrum antibiotic.
“Apart from TIB being the pure herbal product with wide brand anti-virus and anti-bacteria, it can activate the bone marrow to produce more blood to enhance the human immunity, “ urges the researcher who runs a clinic in Nairobi.
TIB is registered by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board under the Ministry of Health in Kenya.

Author: Rading Biko