Can you remember the excitement leading up to a school break?

For most children, these breaks are associated with fun, spending time with their friends, or going on holidays. But unfortunately, this isn’t the case for everyone.

Sadly, one in five youths are struggling with poverty in the Lower Mainland. They don’t have adequate adult supervision, access to nutritious meals, or get the chance to participate in any activities.

But luckily, KidSafe is providing more than 390 vulnerable youth and children with the support they need during school breaks with educational programming, nutrition, and safety.

Here are just some of the ways that KidSfe is helping communities across the Lower mainland.

Incredible history

Operating for the last 24 years, KidSafe has served more than one million nutritious meals to youths in the region, and provided more than 2.5 million hours of safety, programming, and supervision.

Access to community

During school winter, spring, and summer holidays KidSafe offers break-time programs at five inner-city elementary school sites. These programs give children the chance to engage with other youths and enjoy participating in meaningful activities like sports, arts, and music.

Promoting friendship

Feeling a sense of belonging with peers and developing friendships are fundamental parts of childhood. Life can be difficult for children if they’re deprived of friendships and attending a KidSafe program could be the first step to helping them feel that sense of belonging.

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