2811, 2017

Risk of chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease in people with HIV should be assessed together

People with HIV should have their risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and chronic kidney disease (CKD) assessed together, results from the D:A:D study published in PLOS Medicine show. Investigators found [...]

2411, 2017

World AIDS Day: Addressing comorbidities, resurgence and stigmas

As HIV/AIDS management moves from acute to chronic care, World AIDS Day is a time to celebrate progress and map out a plan for the future. For primary care physicians, [...]

2411, 2017

Agencies take proactive look at HIV

More Ohio Valley counties trying needle-exchange idea   WHEELING — With a recent spike in newly diagnosed cases of human immunodeficiency virus in southern West Virginia, public health agencies are [...]

2411, 2017

Access to HIV treatment demanded for transgender persons

PESHAWAR: Various civil society organisations on Friday voiced concern about the increasing incidence of HIV among transgender persons in the province and asked the government to ensure that the community [...]

2411, 2017

Are drug dealers who mix fentanyl into heroin serial killers?

(NEstudio/Shutterstock) Labelling drug dealers who mix fentanyl into cocaine and heroin “serial killers” might change their perspective on their behaviour, says BC Greens MLA Adam Olsen. Olsen made the comment [...]

2311, 2017

Hepatitis increases mortality rates in HIV patients

  All-cause and liver-related mortality rates are higher in HIV patients with hepatitis. Patients with HIV coinfected with hepatitis B (HBV) or hepatitis C (HCV) have a significantly greater risk of all-cause [...]

2311, 2017

Honesty ‘is best HIV policy’ for gay couples

The survey leader said: "Having a conversation means we are both in agreement and we know whether we are protected or not."  Image: iStock If men in same-sex relationships could talk [...]

2311, 2017

Special Needs Students Help Feed HIV and AIDS Patients

Every other Friday a group of special needs students participate in the Food Pantry Care Program at St. Mary Medical Center in Long Beach. They are in a transition program [...]

2311, 2017

Rare strain of gonorrhea identified in Canada, compounding fears of drug resistance

Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacteria, which cause gonorrhea.NIAID A strain of gonorrhea that is resistant to one of the key drugs used to treat the sexually transmitted infection has been found in Quebec. [...]

2211, 2017

Indigenous AIDS group fears for patients as funding set to be cut

The Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network is facing a 46 per cent cut in some of its government funding. MANJUNATH KIRAN / AFP   Indigenous People in Canada are infected with [...]