1611, 2017

Reduced Risk of Hepatic Steatosis in HIV/HCV Coinfection With Cannabis Use

In this study, exposure to antiretroviral agents such as stavudine, didanosine, or nevirapine was not found to be associated with steatosis. Daily cannabis use was shown to be associated with [...]

1511, 2017

Up to a quarter of HIV-negative gay men attending three English clinics used PrEP in the last year

A second survey from one clinic finds 15% were taking PrEP A prospective cohort study of gay men attending three clinics in southern England – 56 Dean Street and Mortimer Market Centre in London [...]

1511, 2017

Using Infographics for HIV Communication

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, how many words is an infographic worth? Chances are you’ve come across an infographic in either print or digital communication, but if you’re [...]

1511, 2017

We do! Australians vote Yes to same-sex marriage in historic result

Australia voted yes for same-sex marriage (Getty) Australia has voted Yes in a historic nationwide survey on same-sex marriage.   Almost 13 million Australians (79.5%) voted in the country’s non-binding [...]

1511, 2017

HIV breakthrough: Scientists remove virus in animals using gene editing

Scientists have managed to successfully 'edit out' the virus in HIV-positive mice. Worldwide, tens of millions of people are living with HIV. While scientists and medical professionals do not yet [...]

1411, 2017

‘Lovesick’: Doc About Matchmaking for HIV Patients Explores ‘Human Cost of Loneliness’

"Lovesick," a documentary that follows a matchmaking doctor and two of her patients with HIV, is scheduled to premiere at DOC NYC on Nov. 15 Dr. Suniti Solomon discovered India's [...]

1411, 2017

No change in cognitive function or brain structure in people taking effective HIV treatment for 2 years

People with HIV taking antiretroviral treatment who had undetectable viral load did not suffer any loss of cognitive function or brain volume during a two-year period when compared with their [...]

1411, 2017

NGOs trained on community response to HIV/Aids

With the alarming rate of HIV infections in the State, People in Need Foundation (PNF) has organised a three-day training on “Building community response to HIV/AIDS” at Don Bosco Institute [...]

1411, 2017

BC just lost its last two excuses not to cover the pill that prevents HIV

New proposal would cover 5,000 PrEP prescriptions by 2019   One of the province’s most respected HIV/AIDS specialists has publicly announced that coverage for an effective HIV-prevention drug doesn’t have [...]

1011, 2017

On the Front Lines of Venezuela’s Worsening HIV/AIDS Crisis

Jesus Aguais, founder of Aid for AIDS, on what the international community can do to slow Venezuela's health emergency. Courtesy of Jesus Aguais This article was adapted from AQ's print issue on economic [...]