1505, 2018

Canadian researchers gather to tackle Saskatchewan’s HIV crisis

The forum was hosted by the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation. As the province’s HIV rate continues to rise, especially in the Indigenous community, researchers and stakeholders gathered at the University of Saskatchewan on [...]

1405, 2018

Terrence Higgins Trust launches free HIV self-testing programme

“This will ensure that less people are living undiagnosed with HIV, and that they can live long, healthy lives, with no risk of passing the virus on to future partners.” [...]

1405, 2018

Study examines social perceptions of HIV-prevention drug among gay and bisexual men

Download PDF Copy A new study led by a UTSA researcher examines the social perceptions of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), a medication to prevent HIV, among gay and bisexual men in [...]

1405, 2018

Youth urged to create digital solutions to help tackle HIV and AIDS

A panel discussion explored the theme of the event, which was held on the sidelines of Transform Africa Summit. Courtesy.   As disruptive technologies continue to emerge in Rwanda and [...]

1405, 2018

Researchers and Clinicians Confront Today’s HIV Profile

The Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) annually assembles researchers from around the world to share the latest studies, important developments, and best research methods in the ongoing battle [...]

1405, 2018

HIV treatment is getting better. Stigma is as bad as ever. [Opinion]

Photo: Environment Images / Getty Images Stigma is literally killing people living with HIV. I couldn't sleep last night after my clinic. My patient is dying from AIDS. When his [...]

1105, 2018

Primary Care for People With HIV Should Encompass More Than Viral Suppression

Ideally, primary care for people living with HIV should include management of the virus, comorbidities (such as cardiovascular diseases or mental health issues), and common health conditions (such as hypertension), [...]

1105, 2018

Researchers gain new insight into mother-child HIV transmission

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Scientists have wondered for years why mothers with HIV have many different strains of the virus but only pass on a small subset to their children. [...]

1105, 2018

Early treatment for HIV infection helps halt brain damage

     (©   Soon after an individual’s initial infection with HIV, damage to brain volume and cortical thickness progressively worsens until anti-retroviral treatment is started, a new study shows. [...]

905, 2018

Why Treating Major Depressive Disorder Improves Outcomes in HIV

Depression can be a warning sign that patients with HIV may be abusing substances and engaging in risky sexual behaviors. Despite the prevalence of depression in people with HIV (estimates [...]