1105, 2018

Early treatment for HIV infection helps halt brain damage

     (©   Soon after an individual’s initial infection with HIV, damage to brain volume and cortical thickness progressively worsens until anti-retroviral treatment is started, a new study shows. [...]

905, 2018

Why Treating Major Depressive Disorder Improves Outcomes in HIV

Depression can be a warning sign that patients with HIV may be abusing substances and engaging in risky sexual behaviors. Despite the prevalence of depression in people with HIV (estimates [...]

905, 2018

What has gay culture become if men are choosing to become infected with HIV?

Are ‘conversion parties’ the new dinner and a movie, asks psychologist Justin D Duwe Have you ever been in a serodiscordant relationships? | Photo: 5 Guys Chillin When I think [...]

905, 2018

‘I just want to remind people that HIV isn’t fussy!’ – what we learned from an HIV-positive trans activist

Photo: Charlotte Hadden, courtesy of Terrence Higgins Trust “When I was first diagnosed with HIV in the 1980s, it was seen as a death sentence. You were treated like a [...]

905, 2018

Sexually Transmitted Disease and Youth Health Awareness: Are We Educating Our Youth?

While sex is a topic that many parents tend to avoid when dealing with teens and young adults, troubling sexual health outcomes, especially among youth of color, make a strong [...]

805, 2018

Scientists Are Testing A Drug That Prevents HIV & Treats It Long Term

Photo by Lucas Vasques on Unsplash A Drug That Prevents HIV & Treats It A team of scientists run by the University of Hong Kong has developed a new antibody [...]

805, 2018

What drives men away from HIV testing, care and treatment services?

Taimi Amaambo There is evidence accumulating and indicating that men and young boys in Namibia, and in Africa in general, are not accessing HIV services as often as their female [...]

805, 2018

Increased Risk for Skin Cancer Among HIV-Infected Individuals

The risk for basal cell carcinoma was increased in patients with HIV infection. Patients with HIV infection have an increased risk for basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and squamous cell carcinoma [...]

805, 2018

Don’t discriminate against workers living with HIV/AIDS – NACA

The National Agency for the Control of AIDS ( NACA ) has cautioned employers of labour in the country not to discriminate against their employees with HIV. Dr Sani Aliyu, [...]

705, 2018

Yaletown’s sustainable and family-friendly vibe appeals to those seeking proximity to downtown Vancouver core

    Game-designer Adrian Crook likes many aspects of Yaletown, including its parks, community centre, wide sidewalks, and tree-lined streets.   For Adrian Crook, moving back to Yaletown was like [...]