Please note that we will be closed on Monday February 18 for Family Day. We hope you all have a wonderful long weekend !

Also note that the Executive Director position closes on February 18, 2019. To apply, please send your resume and a cover letter to click here for full job description.

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Positive Living Magazine
We’re happy to announce Positive Living magazine has a new online format – it’s interactive, shareable, and works well on mobile devices. Have a read and check it out!

Income Tax Clinic

It is that time of the year again and taxes need to be filed.  Our in house Volunteer  tax gurus will be available starting Monday February 25th and running until Tuesday April 30th.  The appointments will be daily between 1pm – 4pm.  Appointments can be booked starting Tuesday February 12th at our reception desk or by calling 604-893-2200. We are only able to do taxes for people with lower incomes and we cannot do taxes for people who own property.



Yoga Drop-in Fridays

Every Friday at noon.

Space for up to 10 participants.

This 1-hour drop-in class is for all abilities… starting with basic poses and increasing as we get more flexible. Members will be asked to sign in with their member number. This class is on the 2nd floor so guests of Members will be allowed.


1. End the week on YOUR terms… What better way to complete the week than by having a dialogue with your inner self?
2. If you consider Friday to be a lost day, you’ve already given up. Avoid setting a habit of laziness and start a healthy habit!
3. Taking a Friday class will push you in your practice. Sure it’s hard and you may want to give up. Feel the rewards of
conquering your ego, your fears, and your doubts.
4. A Friday Yoga Class will really set the tone for the weekend. Embark on a challenging and rewarding journey that will make
the difference in how you spend your weekend.
5. You can receive proper adjustments. Even though in group classes adjustments aren’t given as frequently as some of us might
like, the opportunity remains present.
6. You’ve worked hard all week. Taking time for self care will help you will earn your weekend reward. It’s not money or another
vacation day; it’s that moment of presence you are always striving to achieve.

All the cool kids are wearing them

Need braces ? Interested in Invisalign but aren’t too sure about the details ? Well if you aren’t already a patient at the Positive Living BC Community Dental Clinic you really should become one; along with other benefits that come from being a patient of ours you also get a free consultation from our dentist Dr.Nick who is trained in Invisalign attachments. Call 604-893-2202 to book an appointment today !

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Published: February 15, 2019

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