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28th annual Canadian Conference on HIV/AIDS Research

Did you know that Saskatchewan has the highest rate of HIV in Canada and Indigenous populations across Canada are more affected by HIV than other groups? Are you interested in learning more about the disease and what Canadian researchers and community leaders from across Canada are doing to end HIV here in Canada and globally? The 28th annual Canadian Conference on HIV/AIDS Research – to be held May 9-12, 2019 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – will be an opportunity for you learn about HIV, recent scientific advances, treatment and prevention options, and a chance to meet and learn from other community members from across the country. To attend the Conference, the registration link is noted below and those eligible can apply for a Community Registration Scholarships which will allow up to 80 community members to attend the event for free. For more information:

For more information about CAHR 2019 and to sign up for the Conference update emails, visit www.cahr-acrv.ca/conference.

Positive Living BC Book Club !

When: Last Wednesday of each month at 2:30pm.

Our next “book chat” will be January 30th, discussing “In One Person” by John Irving.
If you haven’t read the book by the 30th, no worries; bring your suggestions for our February meeting; something romantic perhaps?


We are hiring for a Peer Navigator

Employment Type: Contract Part-Time (approximately 10 Hours/Week)
Send Cover Letter and Resume to: glenb@positivelivingbc.org

Job Summary-
The Positive Living Society of BC’s Peer Navigators, in conjunction with the member/participant, develop strategies to maintain or improve health and wellness needs and implement self-management skill-sets. Working collaboratively with other health care and wellness providers, the Peer Navigators provide direct health system navigation, health advocacy, education and linkage to relevant specialized health, social and emotional well-being and wellness resources related to HIV. Peer Navigators network with front line service providers in order to promote the Positive Living Society’s Peer Navigation Services.

POSITIVE LIVING BC welcomes suggestions about news stories we should include on our website or in our eNews email bulletin. If you are aware of a news story that might be of interest to our HIV positive Members in British Columbia, please email enews@positivelivingbc.org to send us the details.

Published: January 4, 2019

Contact: For more information please contact enews@positivelivingbc.org

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