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We’re happy to announce Positive Living magazine has a new online format – it’s interactive, shareable, and works well on mobile devices. Have a read and check it out!

Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon is coming to Queen Elizabeth Theatre from September 25-30. From now until June 1 you can get 20% off your ticket which will include a $10 donation towards Positive Living BC. Click here to purchase your tickets. Password: LIVING

Wildlife Thrift Store

Karla Ahlqvist from The Wildlife Thrift Store at Granville and Drake stopped by to make a donation of $3000. The Wildlife Thrift Store has been making multiple donations throughout the year since 2009! Thank you to Karla and everyone at the Wildlife Thrift Store.

FREE Legal Advice Clinic

Monday and Friday throughout summer 2018. Students from the UBC Faculty of Law will be onsite to offer a FREE summer legal advice clinic on the 2nd floor. This clinic is open to the public, accessible to members and non-members of Positive Living BC. Please call (604) 822-5791 to schedule an appointment. Drop-ins are accepted based on availability.


POSITIVE LIVING BC welcomes suggestions about news stories we should include on our website or in our eNews email bulletin. If you are aware of a news story that might be of interest to our HIV positive Members in British Columbia, please email enews@positivelivingbc.org to send us the details.

Published: May 18, 2018

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