Positive Living BC Community Dental Clinic

We accept most private and all government insurance plans including:

Income Assistance
First Nations Health Benefits
Interim Federal Health – Coverage for Refugees
Healthy Kids
Uninsured Patients

Profits from the Positive Living Community Dental Clinic directly benefit programming and dental care for people living with HIV. Support people living with HIV by supporting our Dental Clinic!

Call 604-893-2202 to book your appointment.

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We’re happy to announce Positive Living magazine has a new online format – it’s interactive, shareable, and works well on mobile devices. Have a read and check it out!

Retreat Application

Loon Lake Healing Retreats are for HIV Positive People from all walks of life. You will meet new friends and learn more about yourself. It is free for all members of the Positive Living Society of BC. The weekend consists of three nights & four days of shared accommodations with healthy meals in a modern lodge-style facility set on a beautiful mountain lake away from signs of urban life. Click here to fill out an application.


Saturday May 12th, 2018 11:00am – 1:00pm

INTRODUCTION TO DIM SUM – A Delicious & Fascinating Awareness! Whether this is your first time or have been enjoying Dim Sum for years, this entertaining activity will answer questions and take your enjoyment of Dim Sum to a deeper level
Your Host: Mr. Thomas Robson. Jade Dynasty Restaurant (137 East Pender Street, Chinatown)
Cost: $50.00 +5% gst (includes lunch, narration & descriptive booklet) (limited to 10 persons). Please reserve now! Phone 604-736-9508 E-mail: info@awokaround.com

Free Oral Cancer Screening

This will be held at our Positive Living BC Community Dental Clinic located on the 1st Floor of 1101 Seymour Street. The goal of Oral Cancer Screening is to detect mouth cancer and/or lesions at an early stage. Call 604-893-2202 to book your spot!

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Published: May 4, 2018

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