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Here to Stay

An exhibit of photographs from gay and bisexual men living with HIV who have struggled with suicide. This exhibit is the result of a photovoice project (funded by CANFAR). Happening at The Playhouse (434 Columbia St), October 11-14 (12-5pm).

Flu Shot Clinic

Have you had your flu shot this year?

  • Get vaccinated at work
  • The flu shot is the most effective way to prevent infection
  • Protect yourself and those around you

Wednesday, October 10th
11am – 1pm

Positive Living BC flu shot clinic for this season
will be in the 3rd Floor Women’s Lounge

Please bring your BC Care Card (you can get a flu shot even if you don’t have one)
For information please contact brandonl@positivelivingbc.org or call (604) 893-2259

Healthy Living and aging for today’s HIV+ patient

Lunch & Learn :
Date: Wednesday October 10, 2018
Time: 12pm, lunch will be provided only if you rsvp.
Speakers: Dr Giovanni Guaraldi
Rsvp to:

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Published: October 5, 2018

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