Luanda, ANGOLA, April 14 – The Vice President of the Republic, Bornito de Sousa, defended last Friday in Luanda the need to reactivate the national and provincial technical committees to ensure effectiveness in the fight against HIV/AIDS and major endemic diseases. ,Bornito de Sousa was addressing the Third Regular Meeting of the National Commission for the Fight against AIDS and Great Endemics, by reaffirming  the country’s commitment to fighting AIDS and major endemic diseases and considered the municipalisation of health programmes as fundamental, the involvement of communities and local authorities , as well as the promotion of voluntary activism.


The Vice President said that the current economic restrictions should not alienate the government from responsibilities and obligations in such important sectors as health.


The government is fully aware of the harmful effects of these diseases, both for the economy and for the national strategic objectives.


He promised to do everything so that Angola’s response to the AIDS epidemic and great endemics will match the international milestones and goals.


He also recalled that in adapting the United Nations global strategy to combat HIV/AIDS in 2014, Angola took up the responsibility to reach at least 90 percent coverage of all people living with HIV, who are not aware of their HIV status and get them treated with antiretroviral.


Bornito de Sousa welcomed the reduction in the number of new AIDS infections, as well as deaths, including malaria and tuberculosis.