Take Action: Start Talking

Kids need information from an adult they trust. Use these tips to start a conversation with your child today.

Talk early and often.

Start having conversations about your values and expectations while your child is young. Your child will get used to sharing information and opinions with you. This will make it easier for you to keep talking as your child gets older.

There’s more than one way to talk to kids about sex. Try having lots of little conversations about sex instead of one big talk. And remember, if you’ve been putting it off, it’s never too late to start a conversation about sex.

Start small.

Try not to give your kids too much information at one time. Give them time between conversations to think. They may come back later and ask questions.

Practice active listening.

Active listening is a way to show your kids that you are paying attention and trying to understand their thoughts and feelings. Try these tips:

  • Nod your head.
  • Repeat back what your child says in your own words. For example, “So you are feeling frustrated with our rules. You feel that you are old enough to make your own decisions.”

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