Many people worry that they will lose an important—or even their only—support system when they tell their intimate partners that they are HIV-positive. It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous, embarrassed, or even fearful of your partner’s reaction. But failing to disclose your status and going ahead to have s*x with them is viewed as a deliberate wicked act. So if they learnt that their partners deliberately infected them with HIV, Saturday Punch asked some Nigerians what they would do.

  • Wale Adewale: I will send her out of my life

If my wife infects me with the disease, I can’t kill her. All I have to do is to make sure that she vanishes out of my life, because her next step may be to take my life even before the disease does. I can’t do more than that because I can’t kill chicken not to talk of a human being. No matter the situation, I’m not going to kill her as it’s not going to make a difference. Sending her out of my life is enough punishment for her.

  • Oba Mariam: Our marriage is going to lack trust going forward

Jesus! I’d have to probably divorce him or stay with him after seeing a counsellor and talking things through. But then, our marriage is going to lack trust going forward. In fact, let’s be realistic, if we had children before he infected me for the sake of my kids, it’s going to be a ‘happy HIV family. But if we don’t have, I’ll leave him to face my life squarely.

  • Prince Olawale: I will accept it as my cross to bear

I will accept it as my fate and stand by her side because of my love for her. I won’t send her out of my house or life because it is not the best solution to the matter on ground. What has happened has happened and I will accept it as my cross to bear.

  • Olaniyan Modupeola: I’d leave him before he stabs me in my sleep

I am going to leave him as soon as possible because he can decide to stab me in my sleep. For him to infect me knowingly with a terminal disease, then he does not love me at all. For the sake of our kids, I can decide to still connect with him. But for me staying in the same house with him, that will never happen again. The love and trust is gone forever because of his selfish reason for infecting me in the first place.

Author: Olayinka